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FG4209 Qiao Yin

This pretty pretty parrot comes wit an elaborate perch. Although it is optional using the girl perch seems to be popular among modelers. In my opinion it is to distracting with its fancy armor and elegant features. With the on or off breast cover it is just going to far. The parrot just comes off as a fashion accessory. If your going to make a model kit of a relay nice parrot there is no reason to include such a distracting perch. A leafy stick would have been sufficient. 10 for the Parrot . The perch gets a 10 for its beauty and a -10 for upstaging the parrot.

Jim (Canada) 
FG7158 Hanna Justina Marseille


紫屋六貓 (Taiwan) 
FG5768 Senhime

아직 만들지는 않았지만 잘받았고 감사합니다.

arai23 (Korea, Republic of) 
FG8541 Wonder Woman

레진품질 이 좋고 마음에듭니다.추천드립니다

huskybear (Korea, Republic of) 
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